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3D Forming uses

In this page we collected some links of posted videos on uses of our 3D Forming system (Thermoforming)

– The first video on setup and use of 3D Forming system


– We used the objects molded using 3D Forming to create chocolate decorations:

The system is made safely by the structure, entirely of stainless steel, of 3D Forming and using thermoformable material, certificate for food contact.


– We used the objects molded using 3D Forming to create plaster decorations:

3D FORMING …at School:

With the introduction of the 3D FORMING system in the School, thermoforming can be used in the learning environment to develop the pupil’s interest, involving them for create 3D thermo-formed items, useful for learning purposes.

Two videos resumes a classroom activity using the 3D FORMING system within the “3D FORMING …at School“, our latest ambitious Project, documenting a concrete example of use of 3D Forming in the Classroom.

The videos show how, in the first phase, the Teacher is involved in making the molds, but the complete activity is carried out in close collaboration with the pupils. On the other hand, the children, appropriately directed, have a proactive approach, and they participate first to the choice of templates, then to the decoration of the obtained objects.

The process shown in the videos, it makes easy and spontaneous to capture the idea of three-dimensionality and the obtained objects can be helpful to any school matter.

For more information about this activity and about “3D FORMING …at School” Project, download documents from the following links:



For more information about 3D Forming system:


In the next video, Robot Factory presents a tool for 3D Forming system, a support for the multifunction tool “Bosch PMF 220 CE” (a vibration tool) to easily cut the shapes made using 3D Forming. This system allows to cut the edges of the thermoformed piece, in a smooth, precise and ‘safe’ manner, obtaining finished products, as well as containers for presentation packaging, view video…