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A few days to the worldwide preview of our latest project!

After several successful projects produced and sold in kits since the first years of our industry and using our long lasting experience in the 3D printer field, we’ll present in the next days the unique FDM-45 3D Printer equipped of a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through an “all metal mounting Kit“. The first one that does not need any self printed plastic parts! […]

New articles on Sliding-3D published on web magazines

Just published on the main web magazines dealing with topics related to 3D printing, interesting articles on our 3D printer SLIDING-3D.

Let me report some links … enjoy your reading!

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Fablab in Venice – new headquarters opening

New headquarters for Fablab in Venice (Italy). New spaces, new machines, new projects; usual enthusiasm, desire to innovate and to build new visions. For companies, for young people, for institutions, for schools.

The June 15th, an ‘open’ day in which the renovated workshop will be presented, but also the new machinery – including our innovative Sliding-3D Read more…

Brescia Industrial Exhibition, 2018 Ed.

Concluded in a great success Brescia Industrial Exhibition (4^ Ed.), with vibrant business in a much larger scale and more international show!

Robot Factory participated and presented Sliding-3D, the cutting-edge technology in 3D printing! Many visitors, fascinated by Sliding-3D, visited our booth. Everyone expressed amazement for the most advanced development, innovative and pioneering, that they found in our brand new product!..

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Additive manufacturing with new materials

The researchers of the Italian Institute of Technology, and the DISAT Department of University based in Turin, are using Robotfactory 3D Printers – mod. 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ – to optimize the development of new formulations for DLP (Digital Light Processing) printing.

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BioGlassCeramics 3D Printing

Uses of Additive Manufacturing to obtain reticular structures, BioGlassCeramics based, in order to regenerate the human bone and optimization of the parameters of sinter crystallization of glassy mixtures components for biomedical tissue engineering.

The research on materials has been conducted using the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (3D Printer by Robot Factory).

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Updated price list – July 2016

Updated the Price List of our 3D products

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3D Printing of two spheres

Posted on YouTube: 3D Printing of two spheres

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Robot Factory met International Centre for Theoretical Physics

International Centre Theoretical Physics – Promoting science in the developing world

Friday June 10, 2016, we were guests of “Abdus Salam” International Centre Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and together with the researchers Dr. Carlo Fonda (ICTP – Scientific FabLab) and Ph.D Javier Antonio Montoya Martinez (Director del Instituto de Matematicas Aplicadas and Coordinador Institutional del Doctorado en Ciencias Fisicas – Universidad de Cartagena – Colombia and Junior Associate ICTP), we met the ICTP Director, Dr. Fernando Quevedo, he told us about ‘mission’ of the “Abdus Salam” Centre.

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Published studies on new materials

In recent years, three-dimensional (3D) printing technology has rapidly grown, showing great potentialities that make it suitable for different research fields, from bioengineering and microfluidics/nanofluidics to electronics.

Recently a group of researchers from the Italian Institute TechnologyCSHRTurin (Italy) has published some scientific papers on the results from studies using our printer, 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0.

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3D printers tutorial on OpenElectronics

Posted on “Open Electronics“, blog of a world leader in hobby electronics, Futura Group srl, our Tutorial: “How to evaluate a Stereo Lithographic 3D Printers“.

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New Web Page

Since a few days is available on this website a new page:

Free Documents Download

In this page there are the links for download some documents that we intend to share with people who for various reasons may be interested in issues related to 3D Printing. These documents are ‘free’ and we like to share with you…

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Updated price lists – January 2016

Updated the Price Lists of 3D Printing and Galvanic products

We updated the price lists of 3D Printing products and of CopperFace system (electroplating products).

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The updated Price Lists are available

Updated Price List for 3D Printing.
Updated Price List CopperFace, adding some new products for use of system.

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Added web page for UV Oven

Added the new web page UV Oven under ‘Products’ menu.

In fact, from now our UV Oven it is also available separately by our printing systems…everyone can buy it!

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Software News – New feature ‘Mask’ for 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0

A news article was posted on 3ders.org. It talks about our new feature ‘Mask’

… and of our 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0!

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Talk about CopperFace

In this week two websites, dealing in particular topics related to 3D Print, published an article about our CopperFace!

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Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

The next Fair we will attend is:


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Copperface, the new mini galvanic is coming!

Copperface is the mini galvanic designed and produced by Robot Factory S.r.l., quick and easy to use for the metallization of plastic materials.

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New Web Site

Robot Factory has changed its website.

We have updated our website www.robotfactory.it to allow easier navigation through the content
and especially to allow access, as well as in Italian, in English too.

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