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Steel Roller Kit, they are talking about it

Some well-known web magazines that mainly deal with 3D printing, Fabbaloo, Stampa3Dforum.it  and Stampa3Dstore.com, have recently published an article presenting our new product Steel Roller Kit and the projects we are working on and which will soon be announced…

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3DPRINT.COM presents our new tool

3DPrint.com (Magazine on 3D Printing Technologies) presents our multifunction tool to cut 3D shapes, made using the 3D Forming system. Read more…

Two new videos show the 3D Forming use

In recent days, two new videos were published on YouTube, they show the 3D Forming use.

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Updated price lists – January 2016

Updated the Price Lists of 3D Printing and Galvanic products

We updated the price lists of 3D Printing products and of CopperFace system (electroplating products).

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The updated Price Lists are available

Updated Price List for 3D Printing.
Updated Price List CopperFace, adding some new products for use of system.

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Added web page for UV Oven

Added the new web page UV Oven under ‘Products’ menu.

In fact, from now our UV Oven it is also available separately by our printing systems…everyone can buy it!

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Update List Price for galvanic products

Updated Price List with some new products for using with CopperFace system.

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New accessories for CopperFace

Included in the price list some new accessories for CopperFace: Multipolar cathode , Cathode – internal tongs, Cathode – external tongs.

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