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Our new project: Injection Molding System

Robot Factory Srl has just launched its first Injection Molding System, the injection system for plastic molding.

Thanks to his new project, Robot Factory Srl has studied a low-cost production process that will allow injection molding to be brought to everyone’s reach.
Despite being a decades old system, the injection molding process is still considered a very expensive process because the initial plant costs are decidedly high and recoverable only for large productions, with the adoption of the process proposed by Robot Factory Srl the costs are they break down drastically.
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READY TO INFINITY? New video on YouTube


It’s amazing thing!!!

Steel Roller 45 – What it can do

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Coming soon… Kit for upgrade to continuous 3D printing…

This expansion kit is configured as an add-on on an FFF printer where the print bed moves along the Y axis and the X axis moves along the Z axis.

Steel Roller consists of a stainless steel conveyor belt that replaces the original print bed of the 3D printer, to ensure that once a piece has been printed, the conveyor belt continues automatically, until the printed piece is completely detached, and then returns to the initial position to allow a new print to start.

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Coronavirus and 3D Printing

Early in the morning, a call wakes up Massimo. It is Nunzia Vallini, the editor of the Giornale di Brescia, with whom Massimo Temporelli, who is a physicist, popularizer and technology expert, has been collaborating for years. Nunzia’s voice is agitated … “In the hospital the valves used in the resuscitation rooms are running out and they cannot be re-supplied in a short time” says Nunzia, “Is it possible to produce them using 3D printing?”…

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Robot Factory – Research and Technology – new research papers

Additive manufacturing (AM) has the potential to revolutionise generally the engineering, but particullary the material engineering, as it can takes advantage for versatility in the production phase made using 3D printing technics.

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Development of new printable materials

At the Italian Institute of Technology the researchers are studying new printable materials bearing intrinsic functionalities and they are using Robotfactory 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ machines, for their 3D Printing tests on new formulations.

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Additive manufacturing with new materials

The researchers of the Italian Institute of Technology, and the DISAT Department of University based in Turin, are using Robotfactory 3D Printers – mod. 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ – to optimize the development of new formulations for DLP (Digital Light Processing) printing.

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BioGlassCeramics 3D Printing

Uses of Additive Manufacturing to obtain reticular structures, BioGlassCeramics based, in order to regenerate the human bone and optimization of the parameters of sinter crystallization of glassy mixtures components for biomedical tissue engineering.

The research on materials has been conducted using the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (3D Printer by Robot Factory).

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