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Pneumatic Injection Molding – Video on YouTube

BENCHTOP INJECTION MOLDING is the benchtop system for thermoplastic injection molding developed and manufactured by Robot Factory Srl. The videos (present in our Youtube channel) show in detail both how to work with our BENCHTOP INJECTION MOLDING system, and how the resin molds are made.

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Andrea Martini ‘on air’ – upgrade of a 3D printer…

Part #1 – In this episode of Crosslink ‘on air’, we convert the Ender 3 Pro into a 45° belt printer using the Steel Roller 45 Kit . Andrea Martini of Robot Factory Srl join the streaming to talk about it at the beginning … the streaming will continue in a second episode …

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Upgrade kit for 45 degree tilted 3D printer with two extruders

The end of the year is approaching, a difficult year for everyone, but in some respects full of steps forward, the pandemic has accelerated the times to make the whole world more connected…

We would like to introduce you our last novelty, the first and only one in the world that implements in the new 45 degree technology the possibility of working with two extruders in parallel.

For a few months now, we have added to our professional 3D printers, with 45-degree printing technology, some upgrade kits to the same technology on the consumer printers widely used in the market.

We just made an upgrade kit for the popular CR10-V2, this upgrade allows you to turn the CR10-V2 into a 45 degree tilted 3D printer with two extruders.

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READY TO INFINITY? New video on YouTube


It’s amazing thing!!!

Steel Roller 45 – What it can do

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Showcase: realize a cup dispenser

In our showcase: “How you should realize a new cup dispenser”

“I’m a designer. Which means I have to design starting from brilliant ideas user friendly items and at same time to realize models showcasing their features. It means my sample will be my business card“, as the designer Peter Lee says.

Our sample, it’s a small object obtained by assembling some 3D printed parts using the Sliding-3D or Silver Belt – FDM-45 technology – and just a few pieces of electric parts to move the device.That is how it’s about making designer life just a bit easier!

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All the construction details – Silver Belt 3D printer

Published on our channel YouTube a new video on SILVER BELT – “All Metal Kit” 3D Printer FDM-45 equipped of a a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through a “ all metal mounting kit“. All the construction details we have adopted on Silver Belt 3D printer! […]

The first video on Silver Belt just published on YouTube

Published on our channel YouTube the first video on SILVER BELT – “All Metal Kit” 3D Printer FDM-45 equipped of a a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through a “ all metal mounting kit“. The first one that does not need auto printed plastic parts! […]

Sliding-3D PLUS – video on YouTube

Posted a new video on our Youtube channel.

The video highlights the primary properties ofSLIDING-3D PLUS suitable for printing also technologically advanced materials: new extruder – temperatures up to 480 °C -new print bed.

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A new video on our YouTube channel

Posted a new video on Sliding-3D uses. The video highlights the two primary properties of our new professional 3D printer: continuous production and awesome surface quality.

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Martini (Robot Factory), guest at the FvgTech

FvgTech is the television magazine conducted by Gabriele Gobbo with focus on the digital world: the news, the future, the social world, information technology and everything that is technology. In the transmission #21 (dated 23.05.2018) they talked about 3D printers and a new technology that will revolutionize the 3D printing industry. Gabriele Gobbo presented Andrea Martini (Robot Factory) and they talked about the brand new printer, Sliding-3D.

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Just posted two videos on Sliding-3D

Just posted two other videos on 3D printing with Sliding-3D. Stay tuned for more and more exciting videos by Robotfactory!..

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Sliding-3D uses

First video on 3D printing with Sliding-3D is published. Stay tuned for more and more exciting videos by Robotfactory!..

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Trieste Mini Maker Faire – 2017 Edition

The International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP – Trieste – Italy), in collaboration with many partners, also this year (for the fourth consecutive year) organized the Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2017, it took place on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2017 in the ICTP campus.

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Another video – ‘3D Forming at School’ activity

Another video that resumes activity in the classroom as part of the ‘3D Forming at School’ project. The video documents a concrete example of use of 3D Forming in the Classroom.

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3D FORMING …at School

With the introduction of the 3D FORMING system in the School, thermoforming can be used in the learning environment to develop the pupil’s interest, involving them for create 3D thermo-formed items, useful for learning purposes.

This video resumes a classroom activity using the 3D FORMING system

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3DPRINT.COM presents our new tool

3DPrint.com (Magazine on 3D Printing Technologies) presents our multifunction tool to cut 3D shapes, made using the 3D Forming system. Read more…

Two new videos show the 3D Forming use

In recent days, two new videos were published on YouTube, they show the 3D Forming use.

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Other video on use of the 3D Forming system

Posted by Chef Fabio Tacchella a new video on the use of the 3D Forming system for ‘cooking preparations’, view video…

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3D Forming – presented on International Websites

Our 3D Forming system in recent days was presented by some international websites mainly specialized on 3D applications.

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3D Forming – plaster decorations

Another video on 3D Forming use was posted on YouTube.

We used the objects molded using 3D Forming to create plaster decorations.

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