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Maker Faire Trieste 2021 – II prize to Andrea Martini

During the Maker Faire Trieste 2021 Ed. which took place in Trieste on the weekend of 18-19 September, Andrea Martini (for Robot Factory Srl) presented its latest project, the Kit for adapting a common 3D printer to 45 DEGREE PRINTING and DOUBLE EXTRUDER. Great enthusiasm was shown by the public more attentive to technological innovation and great satisfaction came especially when during the event Andrea Martini received the second prize “Maker Faire Trieste 2021”. THANK YOU!
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Back on track! Model Expo 2021


We present our 3D printers, new tools, new ideas and … Come and find out! 
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Andrea Martini ‘on air’ – upgrade of a 3D printer…

Part #1 – In this episode of Crosslink ‘on air’, we convert the Ender 3 Pro into a 45° belt printer using the Steel Roller 45 Kit . Andrea Martini of Robot Factory Srl join the streaming to talk about it at the beginning … the streaming will continue in a second episode …

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Upgrade kit for 45 degree tilted 3D printer with two extruders

The end of the year is approaching, a difficult year for everyone, but in some respects full of steps forward, the pandemic has accelerated the times to make the whole world more connected…

We would like to introduce you our last novelty, the first and only one in the world that implements in the new 45 degree technology the possibility of working with two extruders in parallel.

For a few months now, we have added to our professional 3D printers, with 45-degree printing technology, some upgrade kits to the same technology on the consumer printers widely used in the market.

We just made an upgrade kit for the popular CR10-V2, this upgrade allows you to turn the CR10-V2 into a 45 degree tilted 3D printer with two extruders.

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Steel Roller 45 Gold preview

New upgrade kit for CR-10 V2 by Robot Factory Srl

In this video you can see how the Steel Roller 45 Gold kit works.

The measures: X 290mm (useful 280) – Y 340mm (useful 250) – Z Endless …

For more information about these products, https://www.robotfactory.it/en/steelroller45gold/

Steel Roller 45 upgrade Kit – printing 500mm – YouTube

A new video on Youtube: Size, reliability, accuracy, quality, adhesion and bottom surface finish, these are the characteristic that can be achieved with our Steel Roller 45 upgrade kit. Support our campaign on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robotfactory/steel-roller-45-upgrade-kit

Ready, set, go!

Whoa!…We have been pretty busy last three weeks and now we are ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign. We’re very happy to announce the launch of our first crowdfunding campaign to support our project “Steel Roller 45 upgrade Kit“, the solution to your 3D Printer limits! With your support, we will produce a new exciting tool to convert “your 3D […]

Launch of pre-order campaign on KICKSTARTER

Finally on 10/11/2020 we will launch our latest project, Steel Roller 45 Kit , on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter .

Everything is ready! We can’t wait to present our project in a complete way and start receiving pre-orders…
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READY TO INFINITY? New video on YouTube


It’s amazing thing!!!

Steel Roller 45 – What it can do

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Steel Roller Kit, they are talking about it

Some well-known web magazines that mainly deal with 3D printing, Fabbaloo, Stampa3Dforum.it  and Stampa3Dstore.com, have recently published an article presenting our new product Steel Roller Kit and the projects we are working on and which will soon be announced…

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Steel Roller Kit Preview

On the 4th and 5th of September it took place Trieste the first edition of Trieste Maker Faire (last years it was Mini Maker Faire), Andrea Martini (CEO & Founder of Robot Factory Srl) presented our latest project as a world premiere, Steel Roller Kit.

This brand new accessory for 3D printers consists of a stainless steel conveyor belt that replaces the original print bed of the printer on which it is mounted.

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Just a few days to the Maker Faire Trieste 2020

Come with us to the Maker Faire Trieste, the event of ingenuity, creativity and science… Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September 2020, it will take place the Maker Faire Trieste (MFTS2020). The event will be held in the main square of Trieste (Piazza Unità d’Italia), in front of the City Hall and the other historical building facing the square… the most wonderful venue for an incredible event!

VIEW WEBSITE: trieste.makerfaire.com

A preview of our project: https://trieste.makerfaire.com/maker/entry/602/


Coming soon… Kit for upgrade to continuous 3D printing…

This expansion kit is configured as an add-on on an FFF printer where the print bed moves along the Y axis and the X axis moves along the Z axis.

Steel Roller consists of a stainless steel conveyor belt that replaces the original print bed of the 3D printer, to ensure that once a piece has been printed, the conveyor belt continues automatically, until the printed piece is completely detached, and then returns to the initial position to allow a new print to start.

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Showcase: realize a cup dispenser

In our showcase: “How you should realize a new cup dispenser”

“I’m a designer. Which means I have to design starting from brilliant ideas user friendly items and at same time to realize models showcasing their features. It means my sample will be my business card“, as the designer Peter Lee says.

Our sample, it’s a small object obtained by assembling some 3D printed parts using the Sliding-3D or Silver Belt – FDM-45 technology – and just a few pieces of electric parts to move the device.That is how it’s about making designer life just a bit easier!

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New page “About us”

Just updated the “About us” page into Robot Factory section, in which we tell like in an interview, who we are, our history, our projects, our products…

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Coronavirus and 3D Printing

Early in the morning, a call wakes up Massimo. It is Nunzia Vallini, the editor of the Giornale di Brescia, with whom Massimo Temporelli, who is a physicist, popularizer and technology expert, has been collaborating for years. Nunzia’s voice is agitated … “In the hospital the valves used in the resuscitation rooms are running out and they cannot be re-supplied in a short time” says Nunzia, “Is it possible to produce them using 3D printing?”…

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3D Printing doesn’t stop right now!

Currently across the world the countries are facing “corona virus” effect… and it showing that in our nearest future (more near now!) we need to be closely connected using hardware, software and 3D printing!

So, with reference to the latest developments and restrictions related to COVID-19, we wish to inform you that Robot Factory Srl is regularly operating from a productive, technical and commercial point of view, being able to fulfill all the incoming orders. read more […]

Happy !!!

On December 31th, 2019 it was published an exclusive interview to Andrea Martini, CEO and founder of Robot Factory company. The article, made by Joris Peels, was on the 3D Printing web magazine 3DPrint.com.

The interview reveals some little-known truths about our company, which make us proud to proudly bring our ‘made in Italy’ all over the world.

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Robotfactory – “back to the future”.

Robotfactory – “back to the future”

At Formnext 2019, the world reference event for all those looking for solutions for next-generation industrial production that take place in Frankfurt (Germany), 19-22 November 2019, Robot Factory attends and presents all the news on the consolidated series of Sliding-3D, which sees the PLUS model, designed to guarantee maximum performance also using technologically enhanced materials that normally require extrusion temperatures between 280 °C and 450 °C, alongside to the standard model, already presented at the Formnext 2018 edition.

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All the construction details – Silver Belt 3D printer

Published on our channel YouTube a new video on SILVER BELT – “All Metal Kit” 3D Printer FDM-45 equipped of a a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through a “ all metal mounting kit“. All the construction details we have adopted on Silver Belt 3D printer! […]