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3D printing (rapid prototyping technique by addition of material) is different from the traditional prototyping technique used in the mechanical industry (technique by removal of material) in which the material was exported from a block of solid material, with a cutter, to obtain an object more or less finished. The additive method, used in the various techniques of 3D printing on the market, constructs the object by adding material (which is different for each technology used) layer upon layer, and this means a greater degree of freedom in the design of what you want to create.

There is not a technology better than another, for each application must be chosen the most appropriate. It’s important understand the different technologies available today, their potential and their limits, to choose carefully the most suitable technology based on the characteristics of the object that you want to realize.

Today Robot Factory produces and markets three different models of 3D printers:


In the field of 3D printing by extrusion of thermoplastic material (FFF), Sliding-3D is one of the best realizations that permits to use the 3D printing for continuous production. The 3D printing process achievable with a Sliding-3D absolutely changes the way of thinking up the additive manufacturing, because the most distinguishing feature of this machine is the build volume, that is 410mm x 380mm x 8 (endless), which means you can handle a uninterrupted work cycle to make prints of various 3D objects, with any 3D print length that you can imagine. The printing plan is produced using a special composite material, the fulcrum of the project lies precisely in this characteristic, it does not require any preparation (spray, lacquer, or other), because it prevents the possible detachment of the model during the printing phase and favors the detachment at the end of printing phase, making it easy to obtain a print result characterized by a high quality finish.

The number of companies that make use of a 3D printer is growing up, as it is increasing the use, by the companies, of functional prototypes in the phase of research and development, and of product testing. Sliding-3D aims to cover these already established needs and to go further, with the possibility of printing really long pieces (even longer than the machine itself) and small series of objects produced in continuous way. 3D printing using Sliding-3D, in most cases it also has the advantage (not least) of not require any ‘support structure’, allowing to greatly reduce printing time and material use, because it will be take advantage of self-supporting angle. Furthermore, the generation of printing layers inclined on the printing plan, it gives greater rigidity to the printed piece, because it considerably reduces the possible ‘delamination’ between the layers.

Furthermore, the possibility of using very high performance materials, it is particularly advantageous to produce definitive pieces in a single sample or small series for which it would not be convenient to proceed with traditional techniques that involve the construction of expensive molds, also from the point of view of timing, given that the construction of metal equipment in many cases take weeks.

Silver Belt Kit

After several successful projects produced and sold in kits since the first years of our industry and using our long lasting experience in the 3D printer field, we developed the unique FDM-45 3D Printer equipped of a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through an “all metal mounting Kit“. The first one that does not need any self printed plastic parts!

With Silver Belt we offer a complete kit, comprehensive of all parts, to assemble the 3D printer, mechanical structure and electronic part (complete with preassembled cables, extruder and motors), and its assembling does not require any special equipment, only the usual tools that in any lab are present. However the Silver Belt Kit is specifically developed and made with the intent to give to the customer the possibility to take advantage of the great opportunities of the continuing 3D printing and at the same time to build a 3D printer according to his own needs! So the skilled user has the possibility to modify and upgrade the same 3D printer adopting any solution that permits to obtain different applications.

It is very easy to assemble the Silver Belt kit printer, as it is supplied with extensive documentation that allows you to achieve excellent results step by step. However, it is important to consider that it is needful to have at least a little mechanical skill and programming experience relating to the implementation, during calibration, of some values in the Marlin firmware via the Arduino IDE.

3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+

The DLP © (Digital Light Processing) prototyping stereo lithography technology, already known to many, it is the 3D printing system that uses a special photosensitive polymeric resin to create the objects. This technique is characterized by the precision and the resolution that can be achieved hardly with other methods of 3D printing.
The operation of a printer, with DLP © technology, uses exactly a DLP © projector and a resin that hardens when exposed to a light of a certain intensity and wavelength. The layers that make up the object in 3D (slices), are projected in sequence in the resin contained in a vat, inside the 3D printer. As result of the projected light (layer by layer), the resin solidifies until realizing the entire object.

The 3DLPrinterHD 2.0+ (fourth generation) is our desktop 3D printer, that uses the stereo lithography DLP © technology. It is an high quality product, with performance and technical features of professional level. The printer is supplied with software for management and printing of ‘stl’ files, in addition to all accessories for the finishing of the printed piece (from Ultrasonic device to UV Oven, etc.). Our DLP © printer also stands out for its versatility and flexibility, characteristics that make it easy to use in different areas, also for scientific research, in particular for material engineering, as in this area you can take advantage of the versatility in the production phase that the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ offers to support the additive process.

Furthermore, to complete the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ printer, Robot Factory supplies a photosensitive polymeric resin, RF Resin – CS Red that allows the construction of models with high detail. It is mainly used for the process of casting (called “lost wax casting”), with ‘excellent’ guaranteed results.

All Robot Factory prodution is MADE IN ITALY.

Robot Factory gives top priority to the customer that use its products, so there is a constant research for new accessories and new materials.

Last but not least, it is essential the Technical Assistance that Robot Factory continues to provide to its customers, informing them always on the news and spreading periodically Technical Notes to support the use of its 3D printers.

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