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Sliding-3D – Videos

– Our videos on uses of Sliding-3D

Printing quality achievable using Sliding-3D.

In this video we highlight some features of Sliding-3D:

– in most cases, it does not require any “support structure”
better surface quality, especially of bottom and of top layers
printed models ready to use…

Sliding-3D for continuous production. In this 3D printer Z axis is a moving belt, this feature allows the printing plane shifts itself continually with respect to the extruder. This system allows you to print ‘in a continuous way’…

Box for protection and insulation of Sliding-3D. The box creates a printing environment that is isolated respect to the place where the printer is used, both for temperature and for noise. The box allows to keep controlled the temperatures during the printing process, preventing thermal shock which may be due to extreme conditions of the external environment or simply to drafts, and avoiding at the same time the diffusion of the noise due to the movement of the axes….

Sliding-3D improves the finish quality of 3D prints: Dramatically improving the finish quality of 3D Prints, this professional printer is able to ‘produce’ ready-to-use 3D objects. So, you can save time of post-printing finishing by getting better results straight from the printing bed.

The video highlights the primary properties ofSLIDING-3D PLUS suitable for printing also technologically advanced materials: new extruder – temperatures up to 480 °C -new print bed.