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UV Oven


UV Oven is available only with our DLP printer!

 Professional UV Oven
multilamp with rotating support.


UV Oven is a device easy to use with compact and innovative design, dedicated to those who need to use it in small space.

In particular, it can be used in the curing treatment of the UV photosensitive resin, such as those used normally with stereolitografic 3D printers.

Our UV Oven is built with quality materials supplied by leading companies. For this reason, in case of need, large part of the components it could be easily found everywhere.


UV Oven consisting of a supporting structure in anodized aluminum which contains: four professional UV lamps 9 watts, reflective and shielded walls, made of stainless steel mirror to guarantee the better emission of ray, a rotating support where you put the object to be treated. Due to the reflective walls and the rotating support, the object is irradiated evenly on the entire surface.

The cover is made with PMMA (Anti UV) to protect from UV rays, the user and the work environment. Each lamp is easily removable without the use of tools, because the lamp holder with quick coupling facilitates in case of eventual replacement of the bulb.


RomboOperation OPERATION: The use of it is very simple, once put on the swivel base the object that you want to submit to treatment and closed the oven cover, simply set the timer manually on minutes desired, and the lamps are activated, while swivel base begin to rotate. Due to the rotation, the light strikes each point of the object, allowing homogeneity of treatment and times faster response for the complete hardening of the resin

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When the materials harden through UV light, the material curing it’s reached by the polymerization induced by UV ray. The UV range used in our UV Oven makes it particularly suitable for photo-initiators used in the resins for 3D printing stereolithography. Due to this polymerization, in a few minutes the object put inside the UV Oven becomes dry and resistant to abrasion agents, and it can be immediately further worked.


Our UV Oven it has extremely reduced dimensions, so it can also be installed on a small work table.

RomboOperation The main features that characterize our UV Oven :
  • 1 (one) year of warranty.
  • Declaration of EC conformity.
  • Swivel base (support for object).
  • Structure made of anodized aluminum.
  • Cover made of PMMA (Anti UV).
  • Electronic timer with auto power off, settable until 15 minutes.
  • Professional UV lamps.



Overall dimensions 210 x 210 x 250 mm (Length, Width, Height)

Weight 3 Kg approx

Swivel base dimensions 120 mm (diameter)

Power supply 220 V – 240 V – 50 Hz

Timer 15 minutes (Step 1 min)