Robot Factory

SamuExpo 2018

Robotfactory took part to SamuExpo, the fair dedicated to the world of metalworking and plastics, which brings together the historical technical rooms, SamuMetal, SamuPlast, Subtech and the new area, ‘Fabbrica 4.0’, which took place in Pordenone from 1 to 3 February 2018.

The presence of the most important Italian companies, and a selection of international excellences, has allowed the visitor to participate in the broader overview of technologies and services companies for the manufacturing industry present on the market today.

During SamuExpo 2018, Robot Factory S.r.l. presented SLIDING-3D, the new, innovative, professional printer that has many features that can attract the most demanding users, firstly the printing plane to infinity’, to make easy the production of small series and 3D printing of long items (theoretically unbounded in length). And the visitor had the possibility to really touch the exceptional print quality, reachable using the SLIDING-3D system.

The premiere presentation of this new 3D printer model has been a real success!

Thank you to everyone who visited Robotfactory booth, someone expressing ‘surprise’, someone expressing ‘curiosity’, most of them expressing their praise, for the innovation and expertise that once again Robot Factory has been able to realize in a project intended to be a successful product!