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WARNING: BOX for Sliding 3D is no longer available.

The price or other informations related to this product are not available.

Those who purchase Sliding 3D will be provided with the drawings for the realization free of charge.

Box for protection and insulation, engineered to ensure compliance with the functional characteristics of the Sliding-3D printer

The box creates a printing environment that is isolated respect to the place where the printer is used, both for temperature and for dust. As the box allows to keep controlled the temperatures during the printing process, preventing thermal shock which may be due to extreme conditions of the external environment or simply to drafts, and at the same time protect the printer in locations with a lot of dust.

Box external dimensions are: 940 x 670 x 810 mm, that makes it perfect for Sliding 3D, allowing to keep all the printing volume covered to prevent any problems connected to the difference between the extrusion temperature and the environment temperature, but keeping uncovered the box containing the electronic control to allow the needed ventilation.

Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.


Supporting structure made by structural aluminum profiles (black)
Transparent polycarbonate walls
Opening front side equipped with strips in transparent flexible pvc
Swing door with magnetic closures
Support for filament coils (750 gr. / 2.200 gr.)
Guide support for filaments
Rubber spacers


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