The benchtop system for thermoplastic injection molding

Benchtop Injection Molding is the benchtop system for thermoplastic injection molding developed and manufactured by Robot Factory Srl.

Benchtop Injection Molding is a system designed to inject thermoplastic material into metal molds for prototyping, research and development, production cycles.

The use of Benchtop Injection Molding is perfect for a variety of uses within electronics, jewelry, figurine and medical device manufacturers and other specialized applications that require many small plastic parts.

Benchtop Injection Molding is based on a basically simple principle, by heating the loaded plastic in a heating chamber, once the plastic has reached its melting point, it is pressure injected into a two-shell mold

The pressure is maintained for the time necessary to completely fill the mold with the plastic that is injected through the injection nozzle, this causes the plastic to take the shape of the mold. Once the mold is filled, the mold is expected to cool and the piece to solidify completely

Once the piece has solidified and cooled, the two mold shells are opened to be able to take it out.

Usually the mold is made up of two aluminum half-molds (obviously the mold can also be made of steel, resin, epoxy resin, etc.).

As an alternative to metal molds, the new system developed for making molds with resin can be used.

The resin mold is very easy to make and allows rather high resolutions, in particular there are some high temperature resins on the market with which it works very well even with cheap stereolithographic printers.

As you can guess, the fact of no longer having to make aluminum molds with the CNC, except for those who need large runs, puts this technology in another plane, since for many users it could be a problem to use the CNC. 

It is not excluded that the molds produced with 3D printers can be inserted inside aluminum counter-molds.

To complement Benchtop Injection Molding we recommend the use of the pneumatic vice to lock the mold, available as an accessory.

Some examples of objects made with Benchtop Injection Molding using resin mold

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Model Pneumatic
Max processing temperature 350 °C
Temperature processing Digital (4-digit) with double display (reached, set)
Injection chamber capacity 32 Cm3 (about 32 g by weight at 1.0 density)
Injection nozzle Hole 6.0 mm
Mold size dimensions (base) 80mm L x 70mm H x 40mm T (user adjustable)
Pneumatic cylinder size Ø 63mm
Force exerted at 0.6 Mpa Ø 63mm – 1870 (newton)
Operating pressure Via pressure regulator (recommended 0.6 – 0.8 Mpa)
Volts 230 V – 2 A (fuse 3.15 A – 5x20T)
Watts 340 W
Machine weight 14.00 Kg about
Machine dimension 260mm W x 400mm L x 700mm H
Recommended materials PP, PE, PS, ABS, TPE, PMMA, TPU, TPV, EVA (also recycled)
NOT recommended materials PC, PET, PVC, NYLON

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