Robot Factory

Maker Faire Rome 2018

Sliding-3D earned an official Blue Ribbon of Merit at European Maker Faire 2018

Maker Faire Rome, The European – Edition, ended on Sunday, October 14th, attesting over 100,000 visitors, for this sixth edition.

There were more than a thousand projects presented at the 2018 edition of the Maker Faire Rome, they came from 61 different countries. With 7 pavilions, for 100 thousand square meters of exposure, Maker Faire Rome represents the largest Maker Faire outside the United States.

Our brand new 3D printer, Sliding-3D, was awarded the “Maker of merit”. Andrea Martini (CEO and co-founder of Robot Factory S.r.l.) received the “blue ribbon” by Alessandro Ranellucci, co-founder of the makers movement in Italy.

The “Maker of merit” (blue ribbon) is an important recognition in the world of makers that further qualifies Sliding-3D – the printer with endless printing plan!

Never before so many innovative technologies have been available, so many companies are eager to take advantage of these new opportunities. If it is true that rapid prototyping is the technology that allows to create innovative ideas and shape them for your business, Sliding-3D is the new, smart, opportunity to exploit technology to innovate your business.

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