Robot Factory

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2019

On 25 and 26 May it took place at the Center for Theoretical Physics Abdus Salam (Icpt) in Trieste – Italy- the sixth edition of Trieste Mini Maker Faire. The event presented about 300 makers from all over Italy and from Slovenia, Croatia, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The makers brought their ideas and inventions to the “fair” with the aim of bringing the world of science closer to the great public, because behind the science there is a process of discovery which is the same that then leads to the realization of these inventions.

During the event Andrea Martini received the Special Jury Award, given to him by Alessandro Ranellucci, a reference point in the world of makers in Italy, for the project developed and produced by Robot Factory: “Sliding-3D – high temperature extruder block”. Sliding 3D Plus, suitable for printing in addition to the usual materials also technologically advanced materials that are extruded at high temperatures, as it uses the new extruder block equipped with a Type K – Class 1 – thermocouple mounted in the new heating block that allows the nozzle to reach temperatures up to 480 °C.