Robot Factory


It has a world premiere


On the 4th and 5th of September it took place Trieste the first edition of Trieste Maker Faire (last years it was Mini Maker Faire), Andrea Martini (CEO & Founder of Robot Factory Srl) presented our latest project as a world premiere, Steel Roller Kit.

This brand new accessory for 3D printers consists of a stainless steel conveyor belt that replaces the original print bed of the printer on which it is mounted.

Thanks to the adoption of the Steel Roller kit on your 3D printer, once a piece has been printed, the printing bed moves forward automatically , until the printed piece is completely detached, and then it returns to its initial position and allow to start of a new printing job… and 3D printing continues … it continues… continues…

There was a lot of interest from the Makers public, always attentive to the news aimed at improving 3D printing processes.