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Pneumatic Injection Molding

BENCHTOP INJECTION MOLDING is the benchtop system for thermoplastic injection molding developed and manufactured by Robot Factory Srl.

BENCHTOP INJECTION MOLDING is a system designed to inject thermoplastic material into metal molds for prototyping, research and development, production cycles.

The resin mold is very easy to make and allows rather high resolutions, in particular there are some high temperature resins on the market with which it works very well even with cheap stereolithographic printers.

As you can guess, the fact of no longer having to make aluminum molds with the CNC, except for those who need large runs, puts this technology in another plane, since for many users it could be a problem to use the CNC.

THE VIDEOS show in detail both how to work with our BENCHTOP INJECTION MOLDING system, and how the resin molds are made.