Robot Factory

Mini Maker Faire

The fifth edition of “Trieste Mini Maker Faire” took place in Trieste within the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) during the 28th – 29th July 2018 weekend, this edition is the first major event of Trieste towards ESOF 2020 – Capital of Science.

The fair of inventions was full of workshops and seminars, which brought together in the Miramare ICTP campus over 200 ‘inventors’ and ‘makers’ who showed the fruit of their creativity in technology and science. As always the event was a demonstration of creativity, innovation and ingenuity for enthusiasts, families and curious.

Andrea Martini presented for Robot Factory the brand new Sliding-3D

Whether by the public who visited the event, and by many of the experts and makers who actively participated in the Maker Faire, we have received compliments and feedback more than positive for the project developed and produced over the last year. It has particularly gratified us!

As always, the family atmosphere of all the participants and especially of the makers who presented their projects, it has made this initiative a special occasion!

Thanks to everyone!.. We hope to meet you in the next edition!..

Mauro Alfieri’s video…