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The automatic injection system (time management) is a new device which, when used in association with the Pneumatic Injection Molding system, makes it possible to keep the processing times constant for each cycle, thus facilitating and improving the quality of the work.

Attention: The Automatic Injection System can be installed and used ONLY with the Pneumatic Injection Molding system equipped with a pneumatic clamp.

One of the advantages of this innovative system lies in the possibility of regulating and controlling the injection times, this to achieve maximum repeatability of the processing result.

The system allows you to manage both the timing of the clamp closing and the timing of the descent of the piston for the injection and consists of the following components:

  • Vice management solenoid valve (in place of the manual one)
  • Piston management solenoid valve (replacing the manual one)
  • Two buttons (can be installed in a position to be pressed with both hands)
  • Electronic control box (microprocessor, display, emergency button, etc.)

Once installed, the automatic injection system allows you to set the time required to reach the maximum clamp pressure, introducing a delay before giving consent for the injection piston to descend, and keeping the latter under pressure for the set time necessary for correct injection. Once the set time is reached, the piston retracts and the vice also opens with a short delay set by the firmware.

Thanks to its automatic management of processing times, the automatic injection system is able to guarantee a more precise and accurate result, compared to the version of the system in which the management of times is manual, also avoiding waste of material that can be generated when the times of pressure exerted are not well adjusted.

Here is a summary of the setting and usage steps:

  1. Set the injection pressure (as usual)
  2. Set the material temperature (as usual)
  3. Load the material to be used
  4. Set the vice delay time (necessary only initially)
  5. Set the injection time (necessary only initially)
  6. Place the mold
  7. Give consent for the start of work
  8. Press both start buttons simultaneously
  9. Wait for the cycle to complete
  10. Remove the mold

Repeat steps from 6 onwards for the next cycle and so on.

The automatic system must therefore be set with the right injection and delay times when starting the production of a new process and allows you to have control of the injection times at each subsequent cycle of the same process.

Of course, all the precautions to ensure the safety of the various operations have been implemented in the microprocessor firmware.

The Automatic Injection System is supplied already installed on the Pneumatic Injection Molding system equipped with a pneumatic clamp if required, or it can be supplied in kits to be installed for those who already have Pneumatic Injection Molding.

Soon some explanatory videos will be created and proposed on our Youtube channel.