Robot Factory

Robot Factory Srl participated in the 5th Edition of the Maker Faire in Vienna which took place on the weekend of 3 and 4 June 2023 at the METAStadt in Vienna.

The Maker Faire Vienna 2023 brought together pioneers and visionaries of the 'Maker' movement. Dale Dougherty also spoke at Austria's largest Do-It-Yourself event, which took place in the METAStadt Vienna. The American is known as "The Godfather of the maker movement", founded Make magazine and organized the first Maker Faire in 2006. Not only did he significantly contribute to the birth of the maker movement, but he also coined the term Web 2.0. “The Maker Faire is a showcase of creativity and ingenuity – it demonstrates what people can achieve when they engage in a project,” says Dougherty, and continues “The Maker Faire brings the maker movement to life, allowing everyone to see and experience what makers do and what projects they are realizing”.

We participated by presenting a novelty linked to our system for the mass production of 3D objects, Pneumatic Injection Molding, a pneumatic system for plastic injection production, the "automatic injection system". This new component allows for the constancy of processing times with the opportunity to facilitate and improve the quality of the work when using Pneumatic Injection Molding.